AVID Binder and ASB Purchases

For Jason Lee Middle School

Jason Lee is an AVID National Demonstration school. Organization is one of the focuses of AVID. It is a school requirement that each student have an AVID binder with specific school supplies.

In an attempt to make life easier for parents and students AVID binders will be sold at Jason Lee for a one-time fee of $15. This money will cover supplies students need throughout the school year. This will reduce the need to shop several stores for supplies that can add up to $40 or more (please see the cost comparison chart on the back researched by our Leadership students).

It’s a requirement that all students have an AVID binder. If you pre-order through the school your student will receive their AVID binder with all of the below supplies the first day of school out of their first period Advisory class. If you chose to purchase on your own, your student must have all of the below identified supplies the first day of school.

The AVID binder you purchase through Jason Lee will consist of the following school supplies:

4” white binder (Replacement cost of $7)
Five tab colored dividers
Zipper pouch
Pencil Sharpener that holds shavings
10 Composition books (5 each semester)
Colored Pencils
*These supplies are replenished throughout the year in advisory class.

You may also purchase your ASB card for $15. Any student participating in athletics or clubs must purchase an ASB card.

Our office will be selling AVID binders August 1st – 25th, 2017.

Please come to the main office and pay by credit card, cash or checks payable to Jason Lee Middle School (Please include student name in memo section of check).

AVID Supply List Cost Comparison

(Researched by the Jason Lee Leadership students)

Supplies Walmart Target Office Depot
4" White Binder $9.80 $19.99 $8.99
Five Tab Colored Dividers $2.75 $3.59 $3.49
Zipper Pouch $3.97 $2.99 $2.99


(30 ct)


(24 ct)


(12 ct)

Pens $3.55 $1.39


Six Spiral Notebooks

$6.66 ea

(150 pg)

$2.79 ea

(100 pg)

$3.69 ea

(100 pg)

Two Composition Notebooks

$4.82 ea $3.29 ea $2.99 ea
Pencil Sharpener $2.20 $1.49 $1.29
Pink Erasers (3 pack) $3.62 $2.04 $2.09
Three Highlighters $3.84 $3.79 $3.99
Colored Pencils $5.22 $2.29 $2.09
Total $90.52 $55.01 $45.96


*Only regular prices are noted, no sales

** Prices are from the stores' websites on June 4th